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On the heels of an amazing August 2018 that saw the debut of Crazy Rich Asians top the Hollywood box office for 3 weeks in a row and the release of John Cho's film, Searching, where for the first time, an Asian American family was at the center of the movie focused around a father searching for his missing daughter. When we as Asian Americans own our stories, our narrative, our authenticity, devoid of biases, only then, can we be true to ourselves to produce storylines that are empowering and inspirational.

That is where The Tamago Stories come in. Settle in and read 8 riveting, moving, contemporary and dramatic stories that will span from family drama, tragedy, inspirational, romantic comedy, crime and action, and even sci-fi.

These stories feature a blend of Asian American characters from Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Thai in a way to show them as heroes and heroines in simply astounding stories that will capture your laughs, gasps and hearts.

“To use the power of fiction to portray Asian American men and women positively in the media.”

~Vincent Yee

Andrew, who’s Chinese American, falls in love with Melissa, but will his father’s demons from the past derail his love for her forcing him to choose family over the woman he loves?

As a Chinese American LAPD officer, Maya Lim stumbles onto a cold case and with the help of a Korean American LAPD officer, Don Cho, they plunge deep into a seedy underworld and uncover more than they bargained for.

Green Light
Left directionless when his father slips into a coma, David Nguyen, a brilliant Vietnamese American neurologist needs to come up with a prognosis to move the family forward or face the possibility that the family will fall apart.

Flower Girl
She was without her mother and her rebellious teenager self had started to spurn her hardworking Chinese American father who didn’t understand her. What will she decide knowing that one decision will mean she will abandon her father?

Perfect Match
Michelle, a Chinese American’s love to Michael, a Korean American man, is heartfelt but soon becomes heartache as she runs after him to find out the true meaning of love in this inspirational story.

That Kiss
Tom, a Vietnamese American, is tormented that he may no longer be in love with Judy, a Thai American, but he tries to find that elusive kiss or he will believe that he has fallen out of love with her.

Take Out
Determined to beat each other in the courtroom but also hopelessly finding themselves attracted to one another, Gordon and Erin, both Chinese Americans, will need to find a way to work to their client’s best interest while they find a way to settle their mutual attraction toward one another.

It's About Time
Time separates Brandon, a Chinese American and Catherine, a Korean American who are estranged and it’s being made worse as time passes by. What extraordinary means does he need to do to save their marriage in time?

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